Dorothee Berendes, Founder and CEO DB Media Productions


Over the last 10 years DB Media Productions have been producing high profile videos for very diverse businesses around the world. We produce for large audiences or focus on small, special events depending on your needs. We can highlight your products and services with audiovisual tools, or enhance your marketing and sales strategies.


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What We Offer

DB Media Productions LLC takes care of your audiovisual tools and will guide you to the next level in your business.

Think about your uniqueness and what only you can deliver in your industry and to the world.

Think about your initial dreams for your business, where you want to go and where you would like to be.

What do you have that your peers don’t? How can you visualize that and deliver your message in a way only you can.

DB Media would like to accompany you on this exciting journey and make sure you reach the place you deserve.

We truly want you to connect with your existing and new customers. How?

• Deliver your very personal and unique words in a video message. Make a difference.

Go beyond the usual and try something new. Your photo tells a lot but your video will be more expressive and lively. Appear like a friend and talk to your audience directly. That will make a huge difference. We will help you with that.

• Create a 3D animation. Visualize and realize the project you always dreamed of.


It’s so interesting to see our customers getting to the next level and achieving their goals. We accompany them on a fascinating journey. I listen to their stories, learn and leverage their input. The final product realizes their unique ideas in visual form. What’s the unique idea you always wanted to implement and share with the world?

Dorothee Berendes

  • Video Conversion 70%
  • ACTION 95%

Our Work Flow


Pre Production

Before we actually do the video shoot with you we will discuss all necessary elements of the production. You provide the information and we wrap up your story in the best possible way. And vice versa we’ll keep you informed on every single step along the way.



You’re all set and the stage is yours. Throughout the production we will make sure that everything goes smoothly for a successful outcome.


Post Production

This is the part when we edit your video and piece all the best elements together.

Frequently Asked Questions

DB Media takes your video production very serious. You will most likely have some questions before your video shoot. Before you contact us directly we ask you to check out Q & A’s on our website first because you might find your answer here already. It’s also much faster and most convenient for you.





I never stood in front of the camera. Does this work for me?

Yes. Some of our clients have no experience in front of the camera. That’s what we’re here for: to get you ready for the next big job and lift you to the next level.

What is the best way to prepare for my video productions?

DB Media is a state-of-the-art video production company. We want you to have the best experience in front of the camera. As soon as you sign up for a product like V1M (Video One Minute), we will send you a welcome package and some special material to prepare you for your session and answer your questions.


Very fast and accurate service, friendly, professional team and great video. It helped us a lot.

James Moore

DB Media Productions produced a stunning video for us in record time. Dorothee Berendes, the CEO, oversaw the production and made sure that her team met all necessary requirements. It was coverage of a long and high profile event. DB Media’s camera team arrived on time and did an excellent job with great footage. We were very pleased with the final product. They are real pros. I highly recommend them.

Julia Feoktistova

Real Estate Broker, Azimut Realty

DB Media Productions has the best video production service in the Metro DC area. Our corporate video exceeded our expectations.

They have the most qualified, helpful and friendly team.

Vincent Thorme

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