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There Are No Rules In Filmmaking. Only Sins. And The Cardinal Sin Is Dullness. Frank Capra


Your Goal Is Our Passion

We are very honored to be working together with very versatile, creative people and innovative industries. So we try to figure out what the story is behind the job and the message a single camera operator or a production team of 50 people have to deliver.

We work tirelessly to select the right tools and manage the tiniest details in order to get the best possible big picture – perfectly visible for all.



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The Challenge


• You have

-an upcoming event

– a new TV-Show

– a groundbreaking product

– the latest service

– an innovative business

– a blockbuster movie

• You want to let everyone know.

• You need a breakthrough.

Now, what can you do?

The Solution


•  Deliver Your Unique Message And Spread The News.

• Be Yourself With All Your Heart And Passion

• Tell Us Your Story

• Create Your Individual Marketing Tool.

• A Highly Professional Production Team

• Get The Technical Support That Works For You, With Clockwork Precision


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We Rethought Everything

Enhanced Marketing Strategy

Higher Conversion Rate

Very fast and accurate service, friendly, professional team and great video. It helped us a lot.

James Moore


DB Media Productions is the premier Video Production Company in Washington, DC. Interested In Working With Us?

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DB Media Productions produced a stunning video for us in a speed of time.

Julia Feoktistova


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